Date of birth: april 14th, 2017

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Association of Canada Speciality On/Qc section 2018 First of Class 12-18months
  • Eyes certification: Normal (15/09/2018)

  • Hips: Pending..

  • Pra (Cord 1): Negative/Clear

  • Degenative Myelopathy: Clear

  • Exercice Induced Collapse: Negative/Clear

  • Von Willerbrand’s: Negative/Clear

  • Long hair Gene (fluffy): Negative/Clear

  • Natural Bob Tail: Negative/Clear

  • Black hair Follicular Dysplaisa: Negative

  • Coat colar Dilution alopiecia: Negative

We also passed our Herding instinct Test on our first visit! (18/08/18)

We also passed our Herding instinct Test on our first visit! (18/08/18)

NEW TITLE! We are pleased to announce that Mango has successfully completed the 12 steps of his Canine Good Neighbour test (02/09/18)


Extremely charming, we can't say enough good things about our sweet Mango. Beyond being handsome he is also the best partner i could ever ask for! The bound between us is magic! He like to please so much and will always be happy to try anything. He loves to have his picture taken, is easily manipulable and very photogenic, which makes each session very fun. With his clown attitude he knows how to make me smile! Mango’s favorite activity is running after his frisbee and doing agility. He is a great athlete with a nice focus!

Update: We are very proud of our first year of competition

3*Best of Breed

2*Best of Opposite Sex

1*Best of Winner

9*First in class 12-18month


NEW TITLE! BRUSH HUNTING instinct tittle (IBRH) and a first qualification for the Novice title! (24/02/19)

5th place in the herding group (#5/20)

5th place in the herding group (#5/20)