Beloved members of our family

by their amazing temperament, their wonderful genetics and much more.. they are the wonderful members of our family.They are first and foremost our children & share every moment of our lives. We are glad to be able to offer them a very active life by practicing many different sports and activities and are very proud of their performance. Go Corgitail’s team Go!


Peach is your classic corgi. She is as sweet as she is beautiful. She is the only docked Pembroke in our family. Daddy’s princess, Peach lives a spoiled life with us!! She is often referred to as "the couch potato" because she is the most unathletic Corgi we have ever seen!


We loved Olive from the first time we saw her picture posted online. She is a Champion sired red headed tricolor import from Belarus. She comes from some of the most beautiful corgi's I have ever seen. Her handsome sire being one of them. Olive is sweet, smart and has a lot of drive. She learns very fast . We will be forever grateful to Olive’s breeder for entrusting this stunning girl to our care.


Papaye is one BEAUTIFUL Corgi with a coat to die for. She is as sweet as she is beautiful and LOVES to play with her Corgi sisters. She comes from a long line of herding/agility and International Champions and was imported from Russia. She has a pedigree full of amazing dogs and we are very excited to have her. 


Kimchi is our first keeper puppy since we started. She has a very loyal temperament and is as sweet as she looks. Yet, we introduced her to many different activities and she’s always performing well!

We are THRILLED with how this young girl is maturing!