Wonder Woman AmRus House


DATE OF BIRTH: June 6th, 2018

  • Hips & Elbow: ———

  • Eyes certification: ———

  • Pra (Cord 1): Negative/Clear

  • Degenative Myelopathy: Carrier

  • Exercice Induced Collapse: Negative/Clear

  • Von Willerbrand’s: Negative/Clear

  • Long hair Gene (fluffy): Negative/Clear

  • Natural Bob Tail: Negative/Clear

  • Black hair Follicular Dysplasia: Negative

  • Coat colar Dilution alopiecia: Negative

We loved Olive from the first time we saw her picture posted online. She is a Champion sired red headed tricolor import from Belarus. She comes from some of the most beautiful corgi's I have ever seen. Her handsome sire being one of them. Olive is sweet, smart and has a lot of drive. She learns very fast . We will be forever grateful to Olive’s breeder for entrusting this stunning girl to our care.


1st TITLE! BARN RATTING instinct title (IBARp) and two qualification for the Novice title (27/04/19)

BEST PUPPY RATS! CANADA Winter-Cup 2018-2019

BEST PUPPY RATS! CANADA Winter-Cup 2018-2019