Visitors attention please!


I allow visitors 3 days after puppies have gotten 1st vaccinations. I also make visitors spray lysol on their shoes before coming in and use purell on hands before touching. I ask when making appointments to please not visit any pet stores, shelters on day of visit because the risk of parvo, corona, lepto, etc. I don't risk it because it can kill my puppies and last for 7 years. It's not worth the risk. I also ask new owners not to take their new puppy out in public until 2nd set of vaccinations.

I know it sounds odd but bio security is important. You cant see ferms or viruses If a visitor brought in a contagious illness. Im sure it wouldnt be intentional, but I have to make sure. I also tell family when someone is coming just in case, someone's ALWAYS home! I let customers meet both parents. I dont have anything to hide. But I have a few high energy/ high drive dogs (Doudoune & Apple) and I want new owners to be prepared about what they may end up with. I would rather a family decline a puppy than have it returned 5 or 6 months down the road.

With certain restrictions, you can come to visit your pup at my home and meet the Corgi Family, parents, siblings, see the Corgi Play Yard and where and how they are raised. Plus you will of course get frequent up dates and lots of photos. No children, a limited number of visitors, and a limited amount of time. 30 minutes of 'meeting' wears them out very quickly.

Our goal is to deliver a healthy pup to you, and prep and educate you to take over where I leave off. There is a long waiting list for Fat Footed Companion Corgis, and it's so worth the wait. Plus I want to get to know you too, and make sure you will love and take care of 'my' babies ! I can tell you that breeders have to worry about not only the safety of their family, dogs, and puppies, but we also have to worry about people tracking in diseases that can kill our puppies.. I personally don't even allow my friends and relatives near the puppies. But I will gladly send pictures and videos weekly or any time a family asks for more. I will gladly take you through a video walk through of my house, but I won't allow people to come to my house personally due to many risks.

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