Welcome to It's a Corgi tail which is located in Quebec, Canada.
this website is mostly about the short legged members in our house, the Corgis! 

We strive to produce the best quality corgis with concentration on sound temperaments, health, structure and breed type. 

As a result, we are very proud of our temperaments and structure. Our goal is to produce sound dogs to work, play and to be loving companions.

We hope you enjoy this site and the time you spend getting to know us a little better. It's interesting how loving a breed of dog can open up the world to so many new people who share a common bond--their fascination for the the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

An important thing to remember as you browse our page, all photos & videos are the "property of It's a Corgi tail" and NOT to be duplicated or used without authorized written consent from the owners.

Good Day to you!


pembroke welsh corgi

The Queen of England's favorite pooch can really bust a move! Their short legs and low body make Corgi's extremely agile and fast. Their intelligence and enthusiastic personalities are sure to make you smile!

Corgitail’s Wholelottalove / Best Baby Puppy in Breed

Corgitail’s Wholelottalove / Best Baby Puppy in Breed

our mission

In our breeding program, we are proud to produce healthy dogs with exceptional mind & conformation and above all we ensure that they meet the requirements of the breed standard according to the Canadian Kennel Club.


adopting a puppy

A huge thank you to our previous adopting family. Our next litters are scheduled for the spring and fall of 2019. Stay informed via our facebook page!